"What is my purpose of living???"

Are you asking this question? or...

"Who am I?" or... "Why was I born?" or... "The world is a mess--what can I do about it?" or... "What's the point?" Or variations of these?

Maybe instead, after a lot of hard work, or hard wishing, you have attained your heart's desire (love, wealth, security, recognition or anything else) and found the satisfaction was not what you'd expected? That an emptiness still exists within? Or maybe you are obsessed with the fear of losing it?

Or... did you join a good cause, thinking that's your purpose, only to find out maybe it isn't your purpose after all, but someone else's? Maybe your heart aches because of war--in the Middle East, Africa, elsewhere... conflict, conflict, in your city, at your job, in your family... Maybe you want to do ________ "BUT" ________ (conflict within), and you're at your wits' end.

If anything above describes the way you're feeling, you may be interested in the material available free on our websites. Each is designed to appeal a little differently than the others, perhaps to different people. Check it out for yourself; if it's of any value to you, you might act on some of the information, to test it. (Don't believe a word of it--it's not about belief, it's about experience--yours, and that's all that counts.) If you see no value, then of course it's not for you, just ignore it.

We promote nothing, and we aren't selling anything (except a few good books and blank journals in our gift shop, a site of its own, separate from the others). We collect no information from visitors to our sites. We don't put cookies on your computer, nor in any way know who has visited. We won't contact you, and couldn't, unless you first contact us and ask for a reply.

We are not a belief system, theology, or a cult, or a formal organization, certainly not a "cause," and we have no interest in "self-improvement." We're just a group of friends who have benefited tremendously from some specific information, and our purpose of living is to make it freely available to anyone who wants it. We welcome you!

Sanity Island "Where the world is viewed from an unusual perspective."

The Picture of Man Lots of articles, diagrams, and a flash video that may surprise you if you're questioning your purpose of living.

THE WAY of Intelligence On-line edition of our current free printed newsletter and archives of previous newsletters.

The Party Story A wise old man's answers to the questions that matter before anything else: "What am I? Where am I? What's going on here? What can I do?"

Marsha's Page Hundreds of hours of free transcripts of workshops given years ago by the above-mentioned wise old man, on whose material ours is based.

ThanXgiving Once a year in November most of us make at least a passing nod to some bit of "good fortune" in our lives. Others try to be grateful every day. If you are bursting with gratitude (about anything) and want CyberSpace to know, you can post your appreciation here, anonymously or otherwise.

Awareness Journal Our previous hefty newsletter, full of information as well as lots of communications between friends about it.